Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leadership Durham Program

George Hining is Approved for Leadership Durham

Leadership Durham is a program of the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce that opens doors for local businessmen and women and community leaders with the desire and ability to shape its future. Through a series of meeting with state leaders, participants explore major issues and unique challenges facing the Durham community. Interactive topics include in-depth discussions on Durham’s history, leadership development, the role of the Durham Chamber of Commerce, economic development, community development, education, marketing Durham, parks and recreation, among many more. Selection is based upon demonstrated leadership ability, evidence of community involvement, willingness to assume greater community responsibilities and professional/personal recommendations. Another component the Leadership Durham experience encourages is leadership participation in one of the many diverse nonprofit organizations in our community. Such participation not only strengthens our community, but also refines leadership skills. Our very own George Hining was selected for participation in this select program.

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